snow leopard, but you can call me ounce or dream (snwleop) wrote in un_typical_girl,
snow leopard, but you can call me ounce or dream

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out of sorts

Hello all, I have been feeling not myself. I have no drive, no purpose, I feel my heart is gone and I care for nothing.

Is it a lull? or a point in mylife I will get over soon? I used to feel empowered at work and home like I could accomplish anything, and no I am content to change nothing. I know part of this is having Fibro and accepting I am not who I used to be. But in doing so I now have lost the person that was me, so who am I know and how do I get the love for life back?

I feel negative alot because of what I can't do, and I don't like it. I feel like I have to find me, my soul, cause right now I feel empty.

It is a bad feeling.....Trish
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