whisperdryad (whisperdryad) wrote in un_typical_girl,

hey, untypicals. they're trying to box me again.

Not much action in this journal lately, and me, I am going a little crazy and writing entries in almost every community in which I'm a member. So feel the love, untypical girls!

Since last I wrote I've become a lot more aware of just how mysteriously gendered I am. A lot of inner fighting and stupidity has quieted down and, in this aspect of my life at least, I just am. This is part of why I think pansexual is the best-fitting word for me yet.

Also, I have tried doing the whole coming-out deal with some of my friends. Hey, I figure, if it's this important and central to being me, they have some sort of right to know ... the reactions have been mixed. Since I was out as bisexual before, this whole pansexual, gender-queer thing just seems besides the point to most of them. One of my friends has just stopped mentioning anything related to this around me. Another has pretty much dismissed it as silly. The best response has come from mukudori who is cutely playful with my androgyny. He even mixes up the gender of my pronouns sometimes ... what a sweet friend :)

I can't remember ... are any of you on the blurry side of gender and sexual orientation? Do you have this problems where people think since you're "part" hetero that you're just being silly or that you don't really know what you're talking about?
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