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un_typical_girl's Journal

The Community For Untraditional Women and Girls
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un_typical_girl was created out of desire to celebrate the beauty and spirit of untraditional women and girls. What is an untraditional woman or girl, you ask? It is a woman or girl that goes out of bounds that society has created and makes her own life and her own dreams come true, however trite that may sound. She is the riot girl. She is the single parent taking care of her children on her own. She is the drag king. She is the warrior. She is fully independent, strong and individualistic.

Feel free to share stories, post pictures or anything pertaining to this type of spirit and beauty.

There is only one rule for the community and it's simple. There is to be no harassment or any kind of derogatory remarks won't be tolerated. Debate is fine but if it gets nasty, someone gets banned.