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I'm an eccentric, arrogant, intelligent, beautiful, terrible, bisexual, fool. I am every book I've read, every person I've kissed, all the petals of a flower, and a garbage bag blowing alone in the wind. My back still bleeds from the memory of my shredded wings, does yours? ...Hi.
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Welcome, can you not get your wings back? It would be great to have that freedom again.
Oh no, not here...the wings are most definately banned.
well then I am glad you are here, to share your experiances with us.

Sometimes I make no sense and that is when my medication kicks in, so ignore me when you need to.

That is just fine, I am rarely coherent.
here, here. i'm hardly ever coherent myself.
Your icon is spiffy.
thanks :) i don't remember where i made it, but there was some site where you could put together facial features.

i used to have blue hair just like that...but alas, i can't for now. hopefully one day soon...
Pray to the smurfs...