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I am in the right place!

Hello to all, I am Trish. I live in NC, but grew up in a small farm town in Wisconsin, that happened to be all white. And to this day, 34 years later is still a single race.

But that is not who I am, I am a searcher, a provider, and a wander. I love looking for the unknow, I like the truth, and fairness in life. I especially like to question ruts and why change does not happen.

I love my parter of 7 years, and her children, which I claim as my own. I have 2 rescue dogs, that have a large part of my heart, they have lived and survived terrible situations, and I promise them a good life and all the love they can handle. Lucy is my bird, of 12 years. She entered my life at 3 weeks, and I am her mother as far as she knows, she runs the house, as long as the dogs are outside, and she will come looking for me, if she can't see me.

Well that is alot about me. Just one more thing, I am a supervisor on second shift, I have worked at this plant 11 years, I love my job, and all the guys I work with, since I am the only women on second shift.

That is it, I am different, and I expect everyone to be different, and challenge the world that doesn't change or improve or learn, we are the change.
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