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Hello, everyone. I joined this community back when it was just a wee little embryo of a community with no entries at all to its name, and since I was busy and a little afraid of being the first to speak, I didn't introduce myself.

I joined because I am pretty untypical and I am a girl, or rather, a young woman. I'm a 19 year old college student, born in Minnesota with Virginian parents and background, living in Massachusetts since I was six. In some ways that's how I think my untypical story starts, but I'd be weird even if I'd never been unrooted. Academically, I am a double major, which is to say that I think painting and writing are equally important in my future, and I have a hard time getting the school to recognize that. Sexually, the word that fits me best thus far seems to be pansexual ... (see i_am_pansexual
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